Four seasons of Beauty

Four seasons of Beauty

This is photo project consist of 4 photoshoots, which were made in 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). Every season is beautiful like a woman…

The first photo shoot, I and my model Anastasiya made in Spring 2015. It was the time when lilac bloomed.

Air was filled the aroma of flower , and we were inspired by spring freshness and beauty.

Beautiful girl in the Lilac GardenLilac GardenLilac_Shekina3Lilac Shekina_4Lilac Lite Shekina1Lilac Lite Shekina2 Lilack Lite Shekina3

Lilac Pink2

Lilac Pink3

The next season was Summer.  In summer, as usually ,many roses blooms.  And we decided to make a photo session with those romantic flowers 🙂

Rose GardenRed Rose Garden Fashion in the Rose


Shekina_Rose6 Shekina_Rose7Shekina_Rose6 Shekina_Rose7As you know, after Summer, begins  Autumn time. Many golden leaves,  soft sun lights and a little wet autumn coolness…

Magic Autumn PortraitLana Kramarenko Photography


Lana Kramarenko Photography autumn portrait


Shekina_Autumn_6And the last one season – Winter.  It`s cold, but you can watch her from the window in your room, admire by the snowflakes and smile to the bright, but cold sunlight…

Winter portrait

Four seasons of beauty




Shekina_Winter7I hope, you enjoyed photos of this project)))))

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