Travel to Greece. Part 3: Santorini

Travel to Greece. Part 3: Santorini

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Santorini met us with quiet and sunny weather.
From port we were picked up by very positive hotel owner (Samson`s Village ).
And we highly recommend this place! Everything there was awesome!
Very friendly and honest staff, great accommodation and services, super close to the Perissa beach (Black beach).

Samsons VillageSamsons VillagePerissa Beach with black volcanic sand. Under water there were solidified lava, except sand. PerissaHouse in the mountainhouseNight seaside promenadeseaside cafe After 5 awesome days here, we moved to the Fira for 3 days.

The next Hotel in Fira was a nightmare…
For that moment it was called Yiannis Roussos Villa 

bad placebut as I see now they changed the name to Aerino Villa (on

On this site they forgot to change the name:

When we came there, no one was waiting for us. (24/7 desk is a lie), later, we found the cleaning woman, and she called to the owner. So we checked in.

The room was super small. The jacuzzi was dirty.
On the photos you can see space, deck chairs and sofas, but in real… for all people there is not space at all. Just if you like to sit on someone’s head – it can work.
So mostly we spent our time outside the hotel and just slept there.

After 3 days, we left the hotel and moved to the port, but on the way we found that the owner of the hotel tried to withdraw the money from my card! It was big amount, wich was not available on my card, so he tried to withdraw smaller amount successfully, and one more time when we arrived home (after I called to bank, and blocked my card). He did it through (bad idea to allow hotels charge directly as much as they wish).

Within a year, VISA gave my money back, but I spent a lot of time to make it possible.
Later, on the page we found a lot of comments, that the hotel owner stoled money from people’s cards… So I am not recommend this place at all. Awful.

But before this all mess, the rest of Fira was really nice 🙂
nice viewThere is no stairs from the town to the sea , as often tourism agencies write 🙂
Santorinisea viewviewfira SantoriniPopular place for photomeviewshipSantorini viewshipspopular placesunnymanredDecor
decorOne more beautiful place on Santorini – Akrotiri Red Beach.
Red Beach1Red Beach2Red Beach3The red sand and rocks, warm and blue water…Red Beach4Selfie
Selfie rocksAlso, on Santorini beautiful sunsets… sunsetvioletvulcanocityviolet skyThere were a lot of weddings, we caught one on our way:
weddingweddingwedding coupleOur last morning on Santorini was foggy:

We came to the Athens again for 2 days, and back home 🙂 It was interesting saturated trip.❤️️❤️️❤️️

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