Sibyllans shop. Small review

Sibyllans shop. Small review

Hi, I want to tell you , about one very beautiful “coffee & tea” shop in Stockholm.
As a coffee lovers, I and my husband are interested in good coffee.

One day, our friend recommended to visit coffee shop Sibyllans.
Of course we visited it! And were pleasantly surprised 🙂
The interior of the shop is great! It looks like as vintage library, but there are coffee and tea on the shelves, instead of books.

My bad, that i didn`t make photo inside. But in Instagram, i found few:
@ingisamb  @fraulein_frauke – post from 100th celebration
One more, by @casa.cozy
But personally, I did few shots outside, you can see them below: 6
One more interesting thing,
This year Sibyllans celebrates 100th anniversary! 100th anniversary, Karl!
On the site, you can read the history : Sibyllans History
Adress: Ostermalm. Sibyllegatan, 358
So, the saleswoman recommended  to buy Italian coffee, for our coffee machine.
It looked and smelled amazing, we bought it. On the way home, because coffee was ground, stayed aromatic coffee trail, behind us. 7
At home, we made coffee, it was delicious! Fragrant, intense taste 🙂 We liked it!
Just one thing, that we missed.
When we asked to grind coffee, for espresso coffee machine, forgot to tell, to grind it not “Extra Fine “, just  “Fine”.

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